'PRINTING INDUSTRY UNION OF BULGARIA' was officially registered on 22.10.2002. It is a non-government, volunteer organization of owners of companies working on the territory of Bulgaria in the field of printing industry and trade with polygraphic products and is not business oriented.

The union is striving to contribute for the development of the printing industry with the faith that this stimulation will lead to improvement of the Bulgarian industry and trade as a whole. This principal is promoted either from the ?CONFEDERATION OF EMPLOYERS AND INDUSTRIALISTS IN BULGARIA, where our union is a corporative member.

At presence 'PRINTING INDUSTRY UNION OF BULGARIA' includes more than 80 famous and prospering companies representing large-scaled and middle-scaled business. Their total turnover exceeds 600 000 000 BGN and together they give work to more than 5 000 employers.

The membership’s right in 'PRINTING INDUSTRY UNION OF BULGARIA' is determined in accordance with the purposes and main activities, which the companies have. Membership rights have all natural persons and companies, registered in Bulgaria, non-government and educational organizations.

One of the main aims is to be formulated agreements, connected with the acting law rules, and also:
  • to protect the interests of the employers in front of legal, executive and local authorities and the Unions;
  • to support the development of market principles in the process of integrating Bulgarian economy in the world market economy;
  • to contribute to the expansion of Bulgarian export, to the process of overcoming the difficulties confronting it and to the process of making Bulgarian products and services internationally competitive;
  • to contribute to the creation of good conditions for development of Bulgarian economy and to stimulate business initiatives of its members;
  • to motivate its members by creating favourable economic environment for their activities.
  • to cooperate for the qualification increase of the personnel of its members and to stimulate the education of the middle and high level of the personnel in the country and abroad.

'PRINTING INDUSTRY UNION OF BULGARIA' supports its members by:
  • accepting topic programs aiming at solving industrial development problems;
  • accepting national and international programs for joint activities concerning economic development;
  • employing experts and specialists to deal with tax, customs, credit, etc. issues.
  • realizing special technical qualification in the sphere of polygraphy.

'PRINTING INDUSTRY UNION OF BULGARIA' protects its members by:
  • offering statements aiming at improving law regulations concerning economic requirements for production and trade activity;
  • participating in projects concerning normative regulations, principles and decisions dealing with the Association members’ business activities;delegating its representatives in the meetings of the authorities discussing law normative regulations concerning business activities and opportunities for their development;
  • formulating and distributing principles of loyalty in business.

Chairman of 'PRINTING INDUSTRY UNION OF BULGARIA' is dipl. eng. Petar Kanev, owning DEMAX Plc, also Member of Parliament, Deputy Chairman of Economic Policy Committee, and the Secretary General is Mr. Rumen Trifonov.